I am no web designer, but I have put together a few websites besides this one. I work in several languages, including PHP, CSS and HTML.

This site: I have spent years working on all aspects of this site. It is wordpress in the background, with my own CSS stylesheet. It was the launchpoint for my work with web design, and I continue to jump back into the PHP and CSS backgrounds for this. I did have a rather tragic malware problem a year or so ago, but I’ve rebuilt, and learned my lesson about crappy plug-ins and backing up my files. I rather like my new site.


Audio Electronics Club: Website for the Audio Electronics Club of UCSD, of which I am a member. Spent quite a bit of time implementing a full mobile site, wrote some of my own hacked together Javascript and CSS switches to make it happen. I also designed all of the drawings/logos on the pages.


Cross Country Cats: A super simple tumblr, made sort of as a joke during my cross country road trip. I put a cat in the pitcure of several famous places along the way. Not really much to show off, but it’s a good laugh. For me.