Sound Quanta

My undergraduate thesis focuses on particle sound synthesis, specifically a new algorithm I developed that is a hybrid of granular and additive synthesis techniques. The thesis project focused around the production of a full book, in which all manners of academic papers were included. This included the writing of an academic review article, an overview/history article, a pilot experiment, a discussion of techniques and an extrapolation on where further research could be fruitful and pertinent.

As a part of this project, I was awarded the Zankel Music Center Arts Planning Board grant to bring Johannes Goebel from EMPAC to Skidmore for a lecture alongside myself and Flip Phillips. At this lecture, entitled “The Pursuit of Novel Sound,” I both lectured on my thesis and revealed a new digital instrument which the grant allowed me to fully construct. That instrument is the Novo Sublimette.

A video of my lecture can be found here.

The digital edition of this thesis can be downloaded here. Please read the second page, discussing the embedded features of the digital edition of this thesis, it will greatly improve the experience.