Speaker Array, Reader Article, Maker Faire

It’s been a while since a substantial update on my work, so here it goes. Last month was my “Celebrating 100 Years of MIDI,” a concert of my own work with instrument/interface design and composition within the world of MIDI- all control was done through MIDI, and the only sound source was General MIDI. I’ve uploaded the program here, the poster here. Some of the instruments were the Novo Sublimette, cartMIDI, OMGDAWG. I also played the piece “MIDI Through History,” which can be found on my sound cloud here. This piece uses my audiotomidi patch/abstractions, that you can find here. In a nutshell, the patch takes audio and outputs a MIDI decomposition of this audio to whatever MIDI synthesizer you chose. I will say it was written with General MIDI in mind, and sounds best with those soundfonts/programs, and it generally works much better within a computer, not sent to outboard gear, due to the sheer number of note ons and offs that get thrown around. Check it out!

On top of all this big push in work, I had the concert to do, of course. While the recording and pictures got screwy (grumble grumble) I did get some not so great audio recorded. Check out the live OMGDAWG:

I also, as a part of this concert and my upcoming exhibit at Maker Faire, got written up in the San Diego Reader! It’s a really great, flattering article. You can see the online version here, or the scan below:

Celeb status!

Celeb status!

I’ve also been doing a lot of work in my research group over at CalIT. While a lot of this work is under some wraps, NDAs and such, I can say that I built a really nice little folding speaker array! A sponsor requested a demo array to test and display our beam-forming techniques, so I CADed up a folding array in OpenSCAD and build it over a week. It’s pretty, I think.

Lastly, I’ll be at the San Diego Mini Maker Faire this weekend, with my own booth, showing my instruments. I’ll have lots of experiences and photos to share after this event, I’m sure there’ll be a substantial update after that! Until then, sleepy time!