Overdue Catching Up

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve written up here, due to abnormal amounts of work! Let’s catch up, soon.

For now, let me say a few short things.

The concert, “Celebrating 100 Years of MIDI” went off without a hitch, and only one missed note off. More will be posted up here as I go through documentation of the instruments, performances and interfaces that were used.

Next, I’ve made the switch to Linux, officially. I’m now running Ubuntu (tentatively, may make the switch to Fedora soon) on my new Mythlogic Chaos 1313, a Clevo W230ST-based hardcore gaming computer. It runs like a beast. If you don’t have your OS on a solid state drive, you’re missing out. This, plus an internal 1 TB drive, newest nvidia graphics card, 16 GB of RAM, and a beautiful 1080p IPS screen and the newest quad core Haswell processor make it amazing. For less than the entry level Macbook Pro.

This has also meant a lot of new unix teachings, which I’m enjoying, somewhat. Of course, spending an hour trying to find my webcam only to learn that theres a hotkey to turn it off and on on the keyboard doesn’t feel great, but getting symbolic links together, learning rsync and generally using the shell ~50% of the time on the computer make me feel great. Also, go open source.

Anyway, more coming soon.