Just Intonation, Software Development, MIDI and microcontrollers

I’ve been working over the past few months with John Fonville, flutist/composer and professor at UCSD, on some software aimed at opening up the use of just intervals of all types to a much wider audience than is currently available. John’s work with just intonation, both pedagogical and compositional, has been going on for years, and I’m excited to lend my design and computer capabilities to create a new platform for experimentation with this lovely ratio world. I’ve got some screenshots, but there are some problems with the source samples that need attention, so I can’t yet distribute the applications.

The interface for my new software in development with John Fonville.

The interface for my new software in development with John Fonville.

I used this software to compose a new little piece called “Stead.” It’s on my soundcloud, here. Or below.

I’ve also been working on my upcoming concert, “Celebrating 100 Years of MIDI,” coming this November 7th to UCSD. The concert will revolve around a number of new MIDI interfaces, all of which will feed a General MIDI synthesizer. I’m working with Bob Pierzak on the music, whose sound source will be entirely the General MIDI sound font library. It’s totally going to rule.

Mostly, my focus has been on extending the tools available to fabricate electronically and material wise. I’m getting into brass and copper soldering, and using it in the construction of the interfaces for this concert. I’m also finally realizing my environmental sensor synthesizer, which I’ll be posting more on as it comes about.

In any case, much more will be up here in the next few weeks, as I get back into build mode after a summer of travel and teaching.