The cusPi is my Raspberry Pi Live Sound Synthesis instrument, essentially a Raspberry Pi, USB hub, USB audio Interface (Griffin iMic), Hardware SPI control interface, portable USB battery and USB powered amplifier all mounted to a unique piece of aromatic red cedar. The unit’s core is the Raspberry Pi, which boot-loads Raspbian, a Debian based Linux distribution compiled especially for Raspberry Pis. It automatically loads a Pure Data patch, and is set to automatically read the Hardware SPI pins on the Pi’s GPIO header to feed control data to PD.

A number of places led me to the ability to finish out this project. Notably, DoItNow’s Raspberry Pi Guitar Effects BoxWiringPi LibraryAdafruit and Miller Puckette were a huge help getting this all together.  The project will soon manifest itself as a Raspberry Pi Shield, and I’ll be posting all of the schematics and code as I clean them up. I’ve also written a Pd External that will read directly from the hardware SPI. All of these will find their way up here soon.

Anyway, this build took quite some time, and I’ve included finished photos below, along with photos of its evolution over time. Enjoy!

Below is also a recording of the cusPi’s first performance out! A nice noisy salute to portable computer music!