Industrial Design Class, Publication/Talk SMC/SMAC 2013, Travelogues

Well, quite a bit has happened since my last post, I’ve been busy teaching, lecturing and globe-trotting.

First, for a few weeks I taught at the La Jolla Country Day Summer STE[+A]M camp. This was a class in “Industrial Design,” teaching our students (5th-8th graders) all about prototyping, CAD, creative design and making. It was an absolute joy! I have too many stories to relate here, but the students were tasked with several quite ambitious projects, which they achieved to a very high degree.

I set up the premise that each student was now the head designer of their own design firm, and as our first steps to learning 2D design, had them design logos, business cards and other graphic design ephemera. After this, we moved into architectural style 3D modeling, working from 2D plans, to design our own business headquarters and model famous Balboa Park buildings. After this, we moved fully into 3D product design, where the students designed platonic solid lamps and flatpack-style assembled desk objects/sculptures. It went fantastically.

Then, in a wonderful rush, I took off for Stockholm, Sweden, where my paper/research with catastrophe theory and parameter mapping in sound synthesis was published as a part of the Sound and Music Computing/Stockholm Music Acoustic Conference. I had the wonderful chance not only to attend the conference, but to present my topic in a talk and distribute the software/code for the project amongst my peers (open source, for sure!).

It was a great opportunity to meet my peers in the academic computer music world (to whom I’ve had relatively little exposure to, after only a year of my Master’s program), and hear a wide array of forward-thinking presentations and ideas. I recommend checking out the proceedings, or if you like a challenge, you can find my paper in there (instead of just here).

And, since I was already in Europe, I stayed on a few extra days and got to check out what Stockholm had to offer. And, why not, stop by Berlin where my sister has lived for the past six years. While I don’t wish to enumerate my full trip here, I will say some highlights were Stockholm and its general beauty (and its squeaky clean and wonderful public transport), the Brosignal (see below), Stockholm Pride festival/parade, Swedish vowel sounds, Berlin Noise shows, Anthony Braxton at Radialsystem V, building a nice new desk for Loella, and more. I’ve included a big ol’ round up of photos below. Check em out.

I have a million and one projects in the midst of development, and I’ll be back to writing them up once I get back on my feet stateside. Until then- tschuß oder/och adjö!