Fine Work in Wood

It’s been far too long since an update, and life has changed so dramatically! I hardly have the space to talk about it, but I have so many photos!

In essence, I’ve moved to Fort Bragg, California, two and a half north of San Francisco, and am studying at the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking program, a program founded by James Krenov focussed on fine handwork and craftsmanship in furniture building. It’s been the most dramatic, and wonderful, change in pace in my life.

The program is nine months, broken into two semesters, each full of exercises, lectures by the faculty and guests, and several personal projects. The exercises, including joinery like mortise and tenon and dovetail joints, wooden plane building, small wall cabinet and the like, all focus on the use of handtools and extremely intimate and untiring pursuit of craftsmanship.

We;re now ten weeks in, and I’ve begun my first project. It’s a standing desk for writing and drawing, a sort of drafting desk in a more delicate scale. So far, I’ve mostly tackled the (rather difficult) task of making from wood and brass an adjustable height and pitch mechanism. You can see it below in the photos.

I will be reshaping this website to include my growing focus and body of work in wood. So get ready for that! Enjoy the photos! And I’ll be back soon to keep this going.