Big Update

Well, it has been some time! Where to start:

I’ve finished adding to the cusPi, and made its page here. I added two stereo 1/4″ jacks to the audio interface and a USB audio amplifier. Now it is a fully portable instrument, with the addition of my new USB battery. Works really well, I performed on it for the spring computer music concert at UCSD. It was a total blast.

I built a nice litte SD card holder out of Honduras Mahogany as well. Overdoing it? Me?

I’m also preparing for two big events. The first is my Industrial Design class with La Jolla Country Day. I’m teaching again with the San Diego Fab Lab, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be doing the class. The description:

The industrial design course at La Jolla Country Day this summer is focused on acquiring the skills to use design software and prototyping techniques to create a variety of projects in two and three dimensions. Each student will be tasked with creating their own design firm, working both alone and in pairs to create a number of projects aimed at teaching them the software professionals use to design the world’s newest tools, products and architecture.

It’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m already learning, just having to update my 3D fabrication knowledge to the cutting edge.

The other big event coming up is my presentation at the SMC SMAC conference in Stockholm. My paper on catastrophe theory was chosen for publication and presentation! I’ll be in Stockholm for a week, and then I’ll be visiting my sister in Berlin for a week as well. It’s very exciting!

I also spent some time working on a 3D printed pen adapter for an old Roland pen plotter. A friend wanted to use whatever pens he wanted to use with his plotter, so I OpenSCADed up a new barrel with a thumb screw that the plotter treats as if it were simply another color choice. A nice little project, very quick, very satisfying.

I also had a chance to meet up with Peter Edwards again the other day, and got a Nova Drone, his and Lucas Crane’s new instrument. It is a great new toy, a wonderful droner with nice patching options and interesting possibilities.

I’ll throw some recent photos up. More coming in the next few days, just need to get myself together, lot’s of work happening right now.