Amidst the Chaos, Order

So, I’m in the midst of writing my Master’s Thesis, “Building on Flat Land: Dimensions in Musical Interaction.” This has led to an inability to do just about everything else in my life. However, I’m in the market for distractions, so here I am, after far too long, to update you on my status.

The big news is, I’ll be attending the College of the Redwoods Fine Furniture program next year. This will be a welcome change, moving to Fort Bragg, California (a beautiful small town on the coast in Mendocino County, among the redwoods), and I’m really excited to finally hone my woodworking to a professional level. I’ve been reading James Krenov’s books (the founder of the program) in preparation, and getting absolutely thrilled. It’ll be a world of change for my fabrication practice, as well. Absolutely thrilled about this.

As far as what has happened since last updating, quite a bit, but focusing on the bigger items…

I was at Maker Faire San Francisco, with Fab Lab San Diego, running workshops with kids, building small lights, as well as creating the fakerbot, an informative/antagonistic fake robot(videos to come soon). It was a wonderful weekend, I enjoyed seeing so many great people! It’s a lovely family we have here at the Fab Lab.

The Fakerbot Lives. Those tattoos look familiar…

I was also at the Reuben Fleet Science Center’s STEAM family day, showing some of my instruments and doing some hands on stuff with the kids. In a similar vein, I was quoted/interviewed for an article in Trends Journal article “Fabricating the Future” on Fab Labs, and in the profile they did on San Diego’s Fab Lab. They’re a fun bunch, sort of doom and gloom trend predictors, found out after the fact. Anything for fame! And the article was well written.

Right now, I’m focusing on my Master’s Thesis. The thesis includes an introductory work on the need for new, creative solutions in Human-Computer interaction in computer music, and specifically in parameter mapping, proceeds through my catastrophe theory parameter mapping work, and into new work, investigating the manifolds that arrive in parameter-sound spaces. By prodding and mapping out mathematical models of acoustic instruments, I’ve been discovering manifolds similar to those in my catastrophe theory work, both validating the previous findings and delivering new ones. It’s a good time.

In fooling around with these models, I had a series of wonderfully broken physical modelling sounds come out of matlab, and decided to call one a piece and present it tomorrow at the Computer Music concert. But, see it here before the general public! At least for the next 24 hours.

I call it: C is for Krunch.


Anyway, there’ll be more news soon, as my summer is going to be quite a busy one. I’ll also be throwing my Master’s Thesis up here as soon as it’s done. So for now. Stay tuned!

Hi Joss!